Your advertisement on the Innsbruck Bus website?

Innsbruck Bus gives the possibility to Tyrolean tourist services as well as bus operators and tour operators from all around the world to advertise on the website. You can find examples of what an advertisement on our website can look like by visiting the "Tours" and "Bus transfers" pages.

Your advantages in advertising with Innsbruck Bus

An advertisement on the Innsbruck Bus website has the following advantages for your company:

  • Targeted advertising: Through an advertisement at Innsbruck Bus, you have the possibility to specifically address a targeted public composed on one hand of tour operators in Austria and all around the world, and on the other hand of our customers consisting of companies and associations in Innsbruck and its surroundings. If your offer targets one of these two groups, then the Innsbruck Bus website is the perfect place to reach your potential customers.
  • Strong network: The Innsbruck Bus website is not isolated on the Internet: it is part of the websites network of City Design. This means that the Innsbruck Bus website is continually maintained by a professional webdesigner and attended and referenced by a team of skilled webpromoters. This way your advertisement on our website does not get lost in the worldwide data highway's countless ramifications, but stands out of the information network like a neon sign on the side of a road.
  • Long Lifetime: The Innsbruck Bus team's main activity is the organization of bus transfers and coach trips in Tyrol. In order to have enough time left for this occupation, we do our best to avoid any useless loss of time for ourselves, our clients and our partners. This is why we offer online advertisements with unusually long lifetimes: on our website you can reserve advertising spaces for a year, two years, five years or for unlimited time. Your advantage: you do not have to regularly renew your advertisement, it works safely and for a long time.
  • Fair prices: As our main activity - as explained earlier - is not the selling of advertising spaces but that of bus and minibus services, our prices for advertisement are really fair. We do not regard our advertisers as gooses to be plucked but as partners with which we would like to work as long as possible and for the advantage of both.
  • Rising value of the advertisements: Because we devote a lot of time and resources to the strengthening of our presence on the Internet, the value of our pages as advertising platform rises constantly. And yet our prices remain the same all along an advertisement's lifetime. Your advantage: you get today for a fair price an advertising space that will already be worth much more tomorrow.

Want to advertise on the Innsbruck Bus website?

To advertise on the Innsbruck Bus website, please send us an e-mail at . We are looking forward to reading you and we will be glad to advise you on the various kinds of advertising spaces available at Innsbruck Bus!